Migrate to Tasmania Parent Visa

Migrate to Tasmania on regional sponsorship Parent Visa

The Immigration department has just released their FIRST Skill Select Invitation Round for the year 2018-19. Along with this have come 3 big pieces of news!

1) Subclass 189 and 489 family sponsored invitation are now going to be issued on the 11th of each month (unlike before, when they were released every fortnight).

2) The number of invitations for 189 occupations has increased from 600 to a whooping 1000 places per month!

3) The required points for non pro-rata occupations was 75, which has now come down to 70! Applicants who lodged their 189 application at 70 points can expect to hear good news in about 4 months!

Occupation ID Occupation Groups Point Score Date of effect
2211 Accountants 85 6 Jul 2018
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries & Corporate Treasurers 80 16 Feb 2018
2334 Electronics Engineer 75 16 Jun 2018
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 75 19 Jun 2018
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 80 27 Jun 2018
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts 80 5 Jul 2018
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 75 11 Apr 2018
2631 Computer and Network Professionals 75 11 May 2018

*The above information is true as off July 2018


Experts also predict that the scores may drop in the near future!


The points required for minimum eligibility increased from 60 to 65.



In case you don’t have 65 points (new minimum requirement), you may consider the following:

1) State and Regional Sponsorship (subclass 190 and 489)

State and regional sponsorship visas also include many other occupations from lists such as STSOL and ROL. These visa sub-classes also give you 5 extra points for state sponsorship and 10 extra points for regional sponsorship!


If you’re still looking for other ways to increase your points, please read the following blog:


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