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“Permanent resident” is the name given to an individual who holds a permanent visa to reside in Australia for an indefinite period of time. Their rights and duties are very similar to that of an Australian citizen- they can work, live and study in Australia without any restrictions. They are also eligible for the same government benefits and services as the citizens (minor exceptions).


1) Right to live in Australia permanently:

As the name suggests, a Permanent Residency Visa entitles you to live in Australia permanently. The PR visa is usually valid for 5 years but it can be renewed easily and/or citizenship can be applied for within these initial 5 years.) Hence making the Visa a permanent one.

2) Right to Work without any restrictions:

2) A highly important benefit of the Australian PR is being entitled to work rights with No Restrictions. Moreover the government provides various other supports in case you ever suffer from unemployment such as bi-weekly payment, child support, recruitment services etc. The only restriction is that a permanent resident cannot work in “Public services or armed forces”. Only Australian citizens can work in the aforementioned areas.

3) Right to Travel:

The Australian Permanent Residency allows you to travel in and out of Australia for the whole duration of your visa. Even when your visa expires you are entitled to live in Australia, however you will need a “Resident Return Visa” if you are traveling in to Australia after your Permanent visa is expired. In addition to this, you are also allowed to enter and exit New Zealand without restrictions.

4) Education Benefits:

Primary and Secondary education is absolutely Free- sponsored by the government. The government provides various loans like HECS to Australian Permanent residents/ citizens and citizens. This includes education for all applicants on the visa, including your children.

5) Australian Born Child:

If you are a permanent resident and your child is born in Australia, he/she will by birth be recognised as an Australian citizen. Needless to mention the children will be entitled to all rights and benefits of an Australian citizen.

6) Sponsorship Privileges:

Permanent residency gives you the privilege to sponsor your relatives as well.

7) Health Care

Permanent residents are eligible for “MediCare” which is basically government funded health insurance. “Medicare” looks after the health and wellbeing of Australians. Various programs available through Medicare are:

1) Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme


2) Australian Childhood Immunisation Register


3) Australia Organ Donor Register

( donor-register)

8) Social Welfare:

Permanent residents and citizens can avail social security benefits provided by the Department of Human Services if they are eligible for it. The eligibility criteria revolves around your income level, the number of dependents you have, your age, purpose of seeking the benefit etc. More information about the eligibility for obtaining these services can be found here:

9) Australian Citizenship:

Australian Residency is valid for 5 years, and you can apply for citizenship during this time. This means you get your own Australian Passport.

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