Coronavirus and remaining in Australia with a No Further Stay Condition (Condition 8503)

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Migrate to Tasmania on regional sponsorship Parent Visa

COVID-19 and remaining in Australia with a No-Further-Stay-Condition (Condition 8503)

Due to the recent travels bans that the Australian Government has enforced there are a number of temporary visa holders that have not been able to travel back to their home countries.
The situation could be that you are on a:
• Student Visa
• Graduate Visa – 485 visa
• Tourist visa
• Employer Sponsored Visa

The are a number of Australian visa options for you to remain in in Australia. It is very important that you are granted an Australian visa or bridging visa to ensure you are not in Australia unlawfully once your current visa ceases. The grant of an Australian Visa or bridging visa will ensure you can remain in Australia while the lock-down is in place. After the lock-down is over you can travel back to your home country and the Australian visa or bridging visa you have been granted to remain in Australia may cease.

No Further Stay Condition (Condition 8503) and seeking a waiver due to the Coronavirus

We have recently assisted a number of clients obtain a no further stay condition waiver (Condition 8503) due to the Coronavirus.

The key grounds to obtain a waiver of 8503 includes:
A. Demonstrate to the department that compelling and compassionate grounds exist to waive the 8503 condition.
B. Demonstrate to the Department that the applicant did not have control of the particular situation
C. The particular situation resulted in a major change in the applicant circumstances.

The impact of tighter travel restrictions placed on foreigners entering their home country and the reduction in flights leaving Australia as resulted in a number of visa holders seeking waivers.

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