Application Procedure for 482 Visa

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temporary work visa, temporary work visa Australia, 2 year work visa Australia, temporary skill shortage visa 482

The following blog gives you an overview of the 482 application procedure.


1. Work Experience:
You must have a minimum of 2 years work experience in your relevant occupation. Please note: your occupation MUST be on the STSOL/ MLTSSL

2. Skills Assessment:
You must have a positive Skills Assessment in your relevant occupation.

3. Employment
You must be employed at your sponsor’s company (unless your occupation is exempt).

4. English Language Requirement (SEE MORE)
You must have score sufficient marks in an authorized English test, such as IELTS or PTE. Please note: this requirement is waived off for citizens of UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

5. Others:
A medical test to meet the health requirements; and a police check to meet the character requirements might be asked for at the later stage of the application.


1. Australian Employer will need to apply to be a sponsor
2. Employer is approved to be a sponsor
3. Employer will nominate a skilled worked for a job position
4. The nominated employee will apply for the visa (482)
5. Visa outcome

Please note: It is not necessary to wait for one step to complete, to proceed to the other. All that’s necessary is to ensure that all steps are followed in the above given order.


1. Business Sponsorship

(Standard Business Sponsorship Application)

The sponsoring business/ company must seek approval as a ”Standard Business Sponsor” if it wants to employ a 482 visa holder. To acquire a Standard Business Sponsorship agreement, the business must show legitimate, lawful and active operations in Australia. This incorporates providing various proofs such as: the right Australian Business Number (ABN) to apply under, business name registration, providing financial proof, and Business Activity Statements (BAS). Also a clear demonstration of commitment towards training Australian nationals and permanent residents, and maintaining consistency with work place and other Australian laws.

2. Nomination

Once the Standard Business Application is complete, the business must nominate a position within their organisation. This position must be the one being filled by the overseas skilled worker.

The nomination requirements are:

2.1) Labour Market Testing
In order to nominate an overseas candidate for a 482 work visa, a business must prove that they’ve tried looking for local (Australian) candidates but couldn’t find anyone eligible in the Australian labour market.
In order to do so, they need to show the following evidence:
– 2 advertisements of the position in the local newspaper/ online job portal.
– The ads must be placed with in the last 4 months
– The ads must have run for at least 28 days minimum.

**Apart from the above mentioned, there are other proofs which need to me shown and some requirements may be exempted. We high recommended seeking professional advice by emailing our lawyer on

2.2) Salary Level
The Department of Immigration has an income threshold known as Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), the nominated position must have a salary above this threshold – which currently sits at $53,900 plus superannuation.

Not to mention the salary must also be in line with the market rate of the job role.
Please note: Certain occupations will have a caveats whereby the salary is above the TSMIT. To know more, please email our lawyer on

2.3) Training Levy
Nominating overseas employees is a relatively more expensive undertaking for a business, the government has introduced SAF (Skilling Australians Fund) levy to paid by the business at the time of nomination.

The amounts to be paid per applicant is as follows:

– Calculation of the amount will be based on the number of years for which the visa is applied. This amount is payable in full at the time of nomination.

– A small business will be required to be about $1200 per year and a large business will pay about $1800 per applicant per year. In Australia, a small business is the one which has a turnover of less that $10 million. Anything over that is considered a “large business”

– For applications of a 4 year duration, annual payments have to be made upfront at the time of nomination. I.e an amount of about $7,200 ( per year payment x 4) will need to be paid upfront.

P.S. Do not hesitate to ask our lawyer any questions about finances as he is also a registered Charted Accountant. His email is

3. Visa Application
The last step is the visa application itself, by this time the nominee should be able to demonstrate that they meet the required level of skill for their occupation and also provide other proofs such as health (medical exam) and character requirements (police clearance).


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