Tips for international students applying for General Skilled Migration


If you are an international student who knows their next step to permanent residency in Australia is to apply for a skilled visa, then this blog is for you!

Years of experience has helped us in standardizing this process and making is FAST and EASY for international students.

1) English Language Proficiency

Most skills assessment authorities require a certain level of English Language Proficiency. Even if they don’t, the immigration department will demand it.
First thing to do is either book an exam or if you already have the desired score, keep your score report ready.
Although immigration department accepts IELTS, PTE, OET and TOEFL, certain assessment bodies are very particular about the tests the accept. Make sure to either check the assessment body’s website or ask your MARA registered lawyer before submitting your application.
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2) Education Documents: Australia
Having all your Australian qualification documents in place is vital step. REMEMBER: you do not need to have your final certificates to apply for this visa. You can apply right after receiving your final results.
Keep the following documents ready:

1) Final transcript

2) CoE (Confirmation of enrollment)

3) Credit exemption letter – if any

4) Request a “letter of completion” from your university

3) Skills Assessment
Getting a positive skills assessment is the most tricky part of this visa stream. Before applying for General Skilled Visa, make sure you have a positive skills assessment in hand. Certain things to take into consideration are:

1) Which assessment body will you be applying with

2) Have you chosen the right occupation in the list?

3) Do you fully understand ALL the requirements of the skills assessment?

4) You can also consider lodging a skills assessment in multiple occupations.

5) You can use overseas qualification and experience towards your skills assessment.

6) What to do if your overseas qualification/work experience is not the same as your Australian qualification?

It is always advisable to get professional help especially when it comes to lodging a skills assessment application. The processing time can take up to 3 months, so start the process ASAP.

NOTE: The 485 post study work visa does not require you to have a positive skills assessment at the time of lodgement – THIS IS NOT A GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA. The 485 visa will give you a bridging visa which will be valid for 2 years or until your general skilled visa comes into affect.

4) EOI Invitation through Skills Select
In order to apply for general skilled migration, you must get an invitation through SkillSelect first. The processing time of the EOI invite will depend mainly on your points at the time of lodgement and your English score.

Please Note: Merely applying for an EOI will not grant you a bridging visa. You MUST get an invite and apply for your general skilled visa before receiving a bridging visa. We have seen many cases where students do not have enough time on their student visa to complete this process before their student visa expires/ 485 comes in to affect.

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