Most common reasons for Australian Visa Rejection

Most common reasons for Australian Visa Rejection

Years of experience has shown us that there are a few reoccurring reasons behind majority of visa refusals.
The following blog lists 7 main reasons why Australian Visas get rejected:

1) False information:
Applicants may not intentionally provide false information, but if the department finds out that the information provided is not accurate they may charge the applicant with visa fraud. This can lead to either a 5 year temporary ban, or a permanent ban which prohibits the applicant to enter Australia forever.

2) Inadequate Information
This is by far the most common reason why visas get denied. Applicants often (unknowingly) provide insufficient information in their application, which leads to a direct refusal. For instance if a student is lodging a student visa “extension”, and they are asked if they have “previously studied in Australia” the answer will be yes AND proof of education like transcripts, completion certificates etc. will also need to be provided. A student may unknowingly check “no” thinking it’s a mere continuation of their course, but such mistakes can lead to a visa refusal.

3) Failure to meet Health Requirements:
Medical clearance is one of the few non-negotiable conditions which have to be met in order to obtain a positive visa outcome. The 3 most common tests are for:
2) Tuberculosis
3) Hepatitis

4) Failure to meet Character Requirements:
Similar to medical clearance, meeting the Australian character requirements is a non-negotiable condition. Police charges. Criminal offences etc. may lead to solid grounds for visa cancellation. Always ensure you get a positive police clearance (from your home country) before applying for any visa.

5) English Language Proficiency
Certain visas like student visa have a strict English Language Proficiency requirement. Other visas like General Skilled Migration subclass 189, 190, 489 also have this requirement but the requirements are not as high. Also if the dependents can’t get the minimum score, the requirement can be waived off by paying a fee of $3800 per dependent. For details about the English Requirement, accepted tests, scores etc please CLICK HERE.

6) Inadequate Financial Support:
The Australian government likes to ensure that all applicants have strong economic ties to their home country, as this proves that they are not moving only to Australia to draw social security benefits. Hence furnishing proper proof of financial stability is vital. Each visa has its own financial requirement – make sure to check the immigration website or ask your MARA registered agent.

7) Lack of professional help
As the Australian immigration law is complex and ever-changing, it is not advisable to submit an application without professional help. The Australian government recommends using MARA registered agents for all visa purposes. Not only does MARA accreditation ensure that the agent helping you has full knowledge of the law, but it also safeguard’s the consumer’s interest should anything go wrong. It’s a foolproof way of safeguarding oneself against fraud or deceit.

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