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Migrate to Tasmania Parent Visa

Migrate to Tasmania on regional sponsorship Parent Visa

Regional Sponsorship 489 Visa

As migration laws get tougher, obtaining a Permanent Residency in Australia is becoming harder by the day. However certain convenient (but unconventional) pathways are often ignored such as Regional Sponsorship.


This is a 2 step pathway program where you transition from a provisional 489 skilled visa to Permanent Residency 887 Visa.
489 Visa is relatively easier to obtain as it’s provisional (unlike other skilled visas 189/190 which are permanent). However, the 489 visa does automatically transition to PR if all requirements are met.


This visa is valid for 2 years with an option to renew for another 2 years (total 4).


Especially beneficial for those who don’t see a clear pathway to PR after their current visa expires. In our experience the most common visa category holders who should consider this option are:

1) Subclass 500: Student Visa holders who’s occupation is not on the list

2) Subclass 457: Work Visa holders who’s company sponsorship chances seems bleak.

3) Subclass 485: Post-study Work Visa holders who are not working in their designated occupation.

Or any other provisional visa holders who don’t have a clear pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia.


1) First and foremost – Tasmania doesn’t have an “occupation ceiling.”
2) Secondly – You do not need to work in your “designated occupation.”
3) Last but not the least – The state is open to sponsoring both onshore and offshore applicants.


1) Residence for 2 years: The applicant MUST have a genuine intention of living and working in Tasmania (or any other Regional area) for the WHOLE DURATION of your provisional skilled visa Subclass 489. See all qualified regional post codes here.

2) Employment for 1 year: Out of the 2-4 years duration of the visa, AT LEAST 1 year full time employment (35 hours per week) has to be demonstrated. The employment does not have to be in your nominated occupation.

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