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It’s a well-known fact that Australia is one of the TOP countries which provide citizenship by investment. The emerging middle class in India and China have made overseas investments pouring since the last 5 years. As the number of investments increase it won’t take long before the government makes getting residency through investment stricter.

If you are NOT an Australian resident or citizen but would like to start a business in Australia, this blog is for you! It takes you through the first phase of information you need to know about immigration to Australia through investment.

This Blog Covers:

1) Business Investment Visa – the most popular business visa.
2) Legal and governmental Requirements
3) Significant Investor visa in detail


The department of immigration and border protection has a number of Business visas. Some are suitable for investors, some for existing business owners and others for entrepreneurs.

1) Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 188
This most common business visa – it has multiple streams and is usually valid for 4 years, after which the applicant can apply for a PERMANENT VISA (subclass 888).

The 5 main streams of this visa are:

1) Business Innovation Stream

2) Investor Stream

3) Significant investor stream (detailed below)

4) Premium investor stream

5) Entrepreneur stream


1) Submit an EOI through this portal: Skill Select

2) Either wait for a state or territory government to invite you OR contact them directly.

3) Once you receive an invitation – APPLY FOR THE VISA.

The visa application process for any business visa is too complex for a blog.
First and foremost- ensure that you meet the requirements and have all your documents in place.
Secondly, chose an experience MARA registered immigration agent.


(Australian investor visa 5 million)

There are several business visas that you can add to your list of research. But cutting through the noise is this no-nonsense visa called the Significant Investor Visa. This pathway almost gurantees Australian citizenship by investment within months of application.

Because this visa allows you to travel in and out of Australia, bring all your family members, and of course- its a guaranteed unconditional pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

Not to mention: it provides work and study rights to the main applicant as well as all the dependant family members.


Introduced in 2012, this visa enabled foreigners to invest $5 million and above in exchange of Permanent Residency in Australia. As the funds are dedicated to the development of the country, the government offers an unconditional Permanent residency within months.


1) AUD $500,000 minimum in venture capital funds

2) AUD $1.5 million minimum as managed funds to meet the “emerging companies investment” criteria.

3) The remaining funds to satisfy the “balancing investments criteria”


  • Age – should be under 55
  • Nomination by a state, territory government or Austrade is compulsory
  • Minimum required points: 65
  • At least for 1 of the past 5 fiscal years, the applicant must have either managed investments of minimum AUD 1.5 million or have a qualifying business with at least 10% ownership interest.
  • Investment of a minimum of AUD 1.5 million in a state or territory government security is required. With funds from a qualifying business or in eligible investments that must be held for at least 4 years from date of issue in nominating state or territory
  • Have personal assets worth at least AUD 2,250,000 two years before application
  • Meet all health and character requirements
  • Have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience and high management skills
  • Have a successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity
  • Have an interest in continuing business for at least 4 years and 3 months after getting the visa.
  • Have an intention to reside in the state/territory of designated investment for a minimum of 2 years
  • Have a clear criminal record.



In Australia you don’t need to pay to register your business – it is completely free of cost and fully online.

Following are the 5 things you can do for your business BEFORE moving to Australia:

1) Choose your business structure:

– Sole trader
– Company
– Partnership
– Trust

2) Apply for an ABN (Australian Business Number)

CLICK:—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/ to apply.

Once you have your 11 digit unique ABN, Click: Business registration service Beta, you can apply for your key business registrations using one form.

3) Register your business name

4) Register a website name
Click: to see a full list of Australian registrars.

5) Register for a tax file number:
Click: for applying a TFN.


1) Dedicated, multi-lingual MARA registered migration lawyer who is ALSO A CHARTED ACCOUNTANT.

2) In-depth experience with the visa application process – experts in business visas

3) Investment specialist who provides all the new and relevant updates and information on investment opportunities like investment bonds in Australia, purchase of land etc.

4) A history of previous successful clients who are now well settled in Australia and have profitable businesses set up onshore.


Our MARA registered immigration agents understand how stressful the migration process can be. Unlike most other migration law firms, our lawyer actually explain every step of the process in a no-jargon manner. In addition to this, we provide constant on call support. Contact us on for a Free Assessment and advice on your options for migrating to Australia.

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NOTE: The information provided in this blog can not be construed as “legal advice”. You should not act based on the information provided here without consulting a registered MARA agent. Migration law is complex and changes very frequently, while we ensure our content is accurate, we can not vouch for how concurrent it is. To clarify any of your doubts call us on +61 2 8815 8135

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