Designated Areas for Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa

Migration to Tasmania

Get PR in Australia through Regional Sponsorship.

Following table shows the list of Designated Areas eligible for the Subclass 489 visa.

This stream is particularly if you have a relative who is a permanent resident in one of the areas below, they may be eligible to sponsor you for a Skilled Regional Sponsored visa.

State or Territory Designated Areas
Victoria ALL postcodes
South Australia ALL postcodes
Northern Territory ALL postcodes
Tasmania ALL postcodes
Australian Capital Territory ALL postcodes
Queensland 4019-4028, 4037-4050, 4079-4100, 4114, 4118, 4124-4150, 4158-4168, 4180-4899 (anywhere except Brisbane metropolitan area)
Western Australia ALL postcodes
New South Wales 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2898 (anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)
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