Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 485)

This is a temporary work visa which lets you live and work in Australia for about 2 years. It is only granted if the applicant has completed 2 years or more of studies in Australia. 

What you need to know:

  • This visa gives you Unlimited work rights.
  • It lasts for approximately 2 years
  • Most suitable for getting PR after Student Visa.

What is the 485 graduate visa?

This visa is a Work Visa, allocated to a student only upon successful completion of 2 years (or more) of study in Australia. It is a temporary visa with unlimited work rights and is valid for a duration of 18 months to 4 years depending on an individual’s situation.
It is especially useful when the student has long term goals of permanent residency/settling in Australia.

What are the streams for the visa?

There are 2 eligibility streams for this visa:

1. Post study work stream

2. The graduate work stream

What is the difference?

The graduate work stream is for students who completed a course, which  leads to a job mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List whereas post study work stream is valid for every other case.

What is the requirements for this visa?

Following are the common requirements which need to be met by all students applying for the 485 visa:

1. The student must have successfully completed his/her studies in a 2 year course, enrolled as a full-time student. This application is to be made within 6 months of completion of the qualification.

2. The main applicant’s age should be under 50.

3. A proof of English language proficiency is to be provided (IELTS/TOEFLetc. or passports of certain countries where English is the native language)

4. The primary applicant must have held a valid student visa 6 months before lodging this application.

5. The main applicant must be in Australia at the time of lodging the application.

6. Health insurance is to maintained during the entire period of the 485 visa.

Can you bring family members on this visa?

The main applicant can bring the following types of family members:

- spouses, defacto partners and same-sex partners.

- dependent children.

How long is the visa valid for?

The graduate work stream visas are typically valid for 18 months from the date

the visa was granted.

The post study work visa depends on the qualification obtained:

Qualification Duration
Bachelor degree, Bachelor with honours, Masters extended, Masters by coursework. 2 years
Masters by research 3 years
Doctorate 4 years

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