Skilled Independent Permanent Subclass 189

This visa is a permanent visa and does not require sponsorship from an employer, relative or the government. The points test threshold for this visa is 60 points. 

What you need to know:

  • Very competitive visa, higher the points the more chance the applicant will be successful.
  • The visa allows the applicant and family to live & work in Australia permanently.
  • The visa provides the applicant and his family with access to Australian Government health services and education.

Who’s eligible for a skilled independent visa?

  • To be eligible for the skilled independent visa visa, the visa applicant must meet the required points test for the visa which is 60 points.
  • The points test is based on a number of factors including
    • Occupation
    • Work History
    • Education History
    • Previous study in Australia
    • English ability
    • State Sponsorship application
    • Age
  • You must be younger than 50 to apply for the skilled independent visa visa.
  • Pass a skilled assessment in an occupation that is on the governments skilled occupation list.

What’s the process for a skilled independent visa?

  1. Determine the amount of points that your application will receive
  2. Complete an English test to ensure your English is at a competent level.
  3. Complete a skills assessment with the relevant skills assessment authority for your occupation.
  4. Complete an expression of interest (EOI) & receive an invitation to apply from the Department of Immigration. The EOI allows the Government the ability to offer visas to the applicants with the highest number of points. In addition the EOI allows the government to priorities allocating visas to occupations, which are the highest in demand in Australia.
  5. Lodge the visa application to the Department of immigration within 60 days.

Where can I lodge a skilled independent visa?

The skilled independent visa visa can be lodged in Australia or overseas. It is important to remember that if you lodge in Australia, the visa applicant must hold a substantive visa or a bridging visa A, B or C visa.

Can family members be included in the application?

Yes, family members can be included in the application:

  • Spouses, defacto partners and same sex partners.
  • Dependent children
  • Other dependent family members – including parents who live with you are financial dependent.

How long is the visa valid for?

The visa is a permanent visa which means the visa holder can remain in Australian with no limitations with full work rights.

Benefits of hiring path migration for the skilled independent visa?

We can help you with

  1. Obtaining a positive skills assessment.
  2. Determine a strategy to maximize your points score. As the skilled independent visa is a competitive visa, the higher your points the better your chances of a successful application.
  3. Lodging the visa and working with the Department of Immigration case-officer.
  4. Ensuring there are no issues if you lodging on-shore in respect to the bridging visa.

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