Parent Visa

Parents of Australian Citizens and residents that have half their children living in Australia may be eligible to apply for a parent visa.

What you need to know:

  • The parent visa attracts high government application costs.
  • There are 2 payment options, with the temporary visa option costing slightly more.
  • Processing of the visa takes 18 months.

What are the requirements for this visa?

  • The first step is to pass the “balance of family test”. The balance of family test means that at least half the children of the parent are living in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen. Or more siblings are living in Australia than any other country.
  • The parent is required to be sponsored by the Australian Citizen or permanent resident. The Australian must be ‘settled” in Australia. Generally, the term settled is the child must have been living in Australia for at least 2 years before the application.

What is the cost of the parent visa?

There are two options for payment for the parent visas:

Option 1 – Contributory Parent (Permanent): The application charge per parent is AUD $42,220, this is payable before the visa is granted.

Option 2 – Contributory Parent (Temporary): This option allows the payment for the parent visa in stages.

Stage one: The applicant charge AUD $29,130 per parent. This option grants the parent a 2 year temporary residence visa including work rights and Medicare.

Stage two: During the two year period the parents can apply for permanent residency and pay the second stage of AUD$19,240 each.

In addition to the above costs, the parent visa also attracts a $10,000 assurance of support bond. The bond earns interest for 10 years and the funds are refunding after 10 years.

Lodge onshore or offshore?

The visa applicant can lodge onshore if they are older than 65 years. The only condition is that the applicant does not have 8503 condition on his visa, which restricts the visa holder to extend their stay in Australia.

It should be noted that if the application is made on-shore, the applicant will be granted a bridging visa allowing a decision to be made on the visa.

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