It comes as no surprise that 5 of the best student cities are right here in Australia, attributing to the following factors:

The decision of migrating to another country, is a life altering one. Australia is one of those promising destinations that almost guarantees you won’t regret your decision. Despite holding a population of only 23 million, Australia is the 3rd most preferred international student destination. It’s education system boasts a variety of over 22,000 courses offered in about 1,100 institutions. In fact it comes as no surprise that 5 of the best student cities are right here in Australia, attributing to the following factors:

1. Value for money:

Australian universities provide high quality education at a lot cheaper price than the U.S./U.K. This being relative to the standard of the universities of course. Moreover if you chose a university that’s not located in the City (Sydney/Melbourne etc.), then your total fees and living expenses could be almost HALF of what you’d be paying in the City.
Managing funds becomes easier if you have a part-time job.

2. Visa procurement is relatively easy:

The student visa is relatively easier to get in Australia as compared to the tedious U.S. or U.K visa. Moreover Australia has a system of SVP (Streamline Visa Processing) which reduces the documentation requirements and the time taken for processing the visa.

3. Scholarship and Government Aid:

Many universities offer merit scholarships to source academically bright students, for example 25% -50% scholarship for scoring over 80% in year 12, or .international students may also qualify for Australia awards which are prestigious scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian government. Read more on how to apply.

4. Work while you study:

Australia offers legal rights to work for 40 hours a fortnight as opposed to the U.S.A. and various other study destinations where working while studying is downright illegal. The minimum wage rate in Australia is $17.29 per hour. (as off November 2015). Moreover the 40 hours time restriction is lifted if the university is not in session, allowing students to work for unlimited hours during holidays.

5. Multicultural environment and global exposure:

Unlike countries like U.K, the students qualify for a 2 year work visa upon completion of their course. This visa is commonly known as the “post-study work visa.”
As the education sector is a significant part of the Australian economy, the government invests heavily towards the satisfaction of international students.

7. Better Employability

Due to it's conventional nature, Australian qualifications are quite highly regarded internationally. This makes Australian graduates sought after and job ready as soon as they step out of university. Needless to mention, if one decides to go back to their home country, Australian qualifications would still serve as a golden star on their resume.

8. Unique Courses

It is a well known fact that Australia is home to some of the most rare and unique courses on offer. The universities are highly flexible with subject choice. For example, you could be studying Commerce and minoring in Creative Writing; Or you could be doing a "Double Degree" which basically gets you 2 degrees in 4 years.

9. Independent Learners

The experience of living and studying abroad is unparalleled. The reason Australia is particular is great for this experience, is because it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The environment is safe, harmonious and highly diverse. Which makes this place an optimal learning ground.

10. Permanent Residency

Upon the completion of their studies, students can apply for permanent residency for General Skilled Migration. Although anyone can apply for GSM if they're eligible, students in particular get an added advantage: Extra Point for Australian Qualification.

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