How does a Student Visa holder transition to a graduate visa?

The graduate visa is a work visa for students that have completed 2 year or more of study in Australia. The graduate work visa is a temporary visa with full work rights and can be valid from 18 months to 4 years depending on the course the student has completed.  The graduate work visa is a very important visa to allow visa holders to complete work experience in their respective fields. The work experience can then be included in future application such as a permanent residency visa or a employed sponsored visa.

There are 2 streams for this visa:

  1. Post study work stream
  2. The graduate work stream

What is the difference?

The graduate work stream is for students who completed a course and their occupation is on the Skilled Occupation List. The Post-Study Work Stream is for students that have completed at least a Bachelor degree.

How do I apply for a 485 visa?

Before you apply for the 485 visa it is important that you prepare all your documents. The key documents you need to ensure you have before you lodge the visa are

  1. Completion Letter from education provider
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Australian Police Check submitted
  4. Valid English test

Work Rights on a 485 Visa?

If you are holder of a 485 visa you have unlimited work rights. This includes secondary visa holders such as the main applicants partner.

Post 485 visa

485 Visa holders often apply to remain in Australia after the completion of their 485 visa. You can consider applying for

  • Partner Visa
  • Employer sponsored Visa (482 Visa)
  • Skilled Visa (190, 189 or 491 Visa)
  • Training Visa (407 Visa)
  • Student Visa



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