Brief evaluation of the number of invitations sent on 4th January 2017.

Results for the January 2017 SkillSelect invitation rounds have been released and here's our evaluation, simplified for your quick understanding.

1) Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017: 191
Minimum score: 65 points

With only 17 invites issued per round (since the last 4 rounds), the waiting time for an invite is increasingly growing especially for those sitting at 65 points. For example an EOI lodged this month will take over 28 weeks to get an invite for 189 visa.

PATH Remarks: If the current trend continues, this occupation may get filled very soon. Ensure you have 70 points instead of 65 to get a visa much faster than 28 weeks.

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2) Electronics Engineers:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017: 324
Minimum score: 65 points

Only 29 invites have been issued since the past 4 rounds and even people at 65 points were invited. The current trend suggests that people who lodged their EOI for 189 visa in October 2016 might get an invitation shortly.

PATH Remarks: The trend suggests that the points requirement may drop to 60 points for this particular occupation. As it’s already been declared a “Pro-Rata Occupation”, it’s a good idea to lodge your EOI as soon as possible. An application of 65+ points would almost sure short receive an invite without any significant wait.


3) Accountants:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017: 890
Minimum score:70 point

Number of invites issued since the last 9 rounds are 98. The usual waiting period is 8 months + which is steadily increasing. If this trend continues, the occupational ceiling is predicted to be filled by May 2017.

PATH Remarks: It seems highly unlikely that the points requirement would go below 70 in the coming year. Hence it’s essential for accountants to ensure they have at least 70 points at the time of lodging the EOI and 70+ points if they want to avoid extended waiting time (8-12 months). READ: How to score more points (for accountants).


4) Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017:533
Minimum score:70 points

Invitations issued in all rounds since September 2016 are 55. Similar to Accountants, the minimum points requirement is stable at 70 points. However, this occupation has less waiting time (about 6 months) compared to Accountants. .

PATH Remarks:If the number of invites issued in each round continues to be 55, the places are expected to fill up by June 2017. As this is also a Pro-rata occupation, it’s a good idea to lodge the EOI as soon as possible.


5) ICT Business Analyst:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017: 462
Minimum score: 65 points

This occupation has been fairly unpredictable as there were 0 invitations issued in the 7th December round and an extreme hike of 180 invitations issued in the 21st December round. The usual number of invites issued for this occupation is about 60 per round. The most recent round (4th Jan) also issued 60 invites. The minimum score remains 65 but the wait is too long - about 9-12 months.

PATH Remarks:Even though one may get an invite at 65 points, you must try to achieve at least 70 points to avoid such a long wait.


6) Software Applications Programmer:

Number of invitations left for the year 2017:2039
Minimum score: 65 points

Exceptionally fast moving occupation, with 255 invites issued in the last round and 450 issued in the one before that, it still has 2039 places left! Minimum score remains steady at 65 and waiting time is only 4-6 weeks.

PATH Remarks:Path Migration specializes in General Skilled Migration for IT professionals. With an outstanding number of applications we lodge each month, it is now OUR GUARANTEE to get you a visa! P.S. As this is a Pro- rata occupation we recommend to lodge your EOI before March 2017.

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