We recently asked our clients what tips would you give other people looking for work in Australia.

Most popular and effective websites for finding work in Australia in 2021-22 are:

Most of our clients found seek to be the most useful website to find work in Australia.

The websites also provide a good indication of the expected salary for your profession.

In addition to the above, newspapers are also well known to advertise jobs. The popular newspaper are Sydney Morning Herald and Financial Review.

Tax file Number for Australia

All workers in Australia are required to have a tax file number. The tax file number is unique number that the Australian Tax Office uses to identify you.

The amount of tax you pay is dependent on your income. The tax you pay is used to fund services such as schools, hospitals and government infrastructure.

Resume/ CV tips

Your resume is the first point of contact that an employer will have with you. So it is very important to present your experience, achievements and skills in a format that is easy to read and engaging.

Format of your resume/CV

  • Should not be more than 3 pages
  • Provide an overview of your experiences, skills and achievements
  • The resume should start with a summary of yourself and should avoid using clichés such as “self starter’, ‘good team player’ or ‘good communicator’, these qualities should be demonstrated by the qualities presented in your achievements.
  • The order of your resume is important, ensure the most recent employment be at the top of your resume as this is the most relevant.
  • Try and update your resume to each new job application to match the requirements of the role to your skill set.
  • If you have time-gaps in your resume –explain them.
  • Remember your resume details as the interviewer will refer to it during the interview.

Please don’t do the following in your resume/CV

  • Indicate your race, political preferences, nationality, marital status
  • Include your salary expectations
  • Provide reference details
  • List every training course you have attended

Interview tips

Once you have been accepted for an interview, it is important you prepare for it. Here are our tips for the interview.

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities for the role and clearly present how your experience and skills will allow you to be successful in the role.
  • Be prepared to present your strengths and weaknesses and in particular for the role.
  • Understand the company and their strategy and what role you can undertake to assist them.
  • Ensure you are dressed appropriately for the job interview
  • Ensure you are on time.
  • Ensure you ask questions during the interview. This demonstrates you are interested in the position.

If you are a Path Migration customer, our team will review your resume and also put you in touch with recruitment firms that we have partnerships with.

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