Some of the common reasons why an application may be refused include:

  • The evidence provided to the Department of Immigration was not significant. An example we have seen this is with passing the training benchmark for the ENS and 457 visa.
  • The case was not presented to the Department of Immigration in an appropriate manner.
  • The applicant has made a submissions which the case officer did not believe
  • The document provided to the Department of Immigration was completed correctly.
  • A combination of the above factors.

In addition to the above, many visa applicants will have issues in relation to passing the health requirement or the character requirements.

If you have received a negative decision on an application from the Department of Immigration, you can apply to the Federal Court to consider whether the decision was made lawfully- in accordance with the Migration Act. The final appeal application would be to request the Minister to let you stay in Australia.

If you would like to challenge a decision made by the Department of Immigration please contact one of our experienced lawyers. It is critical that you seek legal advice immediately.


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