One of the most popular questions of all time- IELTS or PTE. After observing over 200 clients take one English exam or the other, we have drafted the following blog. It takes you through the following:

1) About PTE and IELTS

2) Decision making questions

3) Pros and Cons


PTE Overview

PTE is a computer based exam- which means the test is given on a computer and the checking is also computer based.

It has 4 components: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. ALL of which take pace during the same test. I.e. in under 3 hours.

In the speaking section you speak into a microphone.

Realistic and timed mock testes are available on the official PTE website.

For more information visit:

IELTS Overview

IELTS is a written exam and is checked by an examiner. Practice material is available but there are NO mock tests supplied by the official IELTS.

IELTS also has 4 components: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. However all of these DO NOT take place at the same time. The “speaking” section takes pace either after a few days or the same day but after a few hours.

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Before dwelling into the pros and cons ask yourself the following questions:

1) Which country/countries are you applying for?

The recognition for immigration purpose and for academic purpose are different.

PTE is recognised by more than 1800 programs in 719 institutions.

IELTS is accepted by 6000+ institutions in 135 countries.

PTE is accepted in Australia only.

IELTS is accepted in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Don’t presume – always check if the respective test is accepted by the country/institution you’re applying for.
2) Computer or Humans?

Are you more comfortable reading a passage and speaking into the microphone or would you rather prefer speaking on a topic (given on the spot) to an actual person?
Sometimes talking to an actual person can be nerve-wreaking, especially if you have to speak for 1-3 minutes on a (surprise) given topic. Conversely, you only have to read a given passage into a microphone in PTE.

Are you comfortable with typing? You don’t have be a whiz at it, but ensure you have a decent typing speed if you’re opting for PTE. Some people prefer writing over typing, so determine which one is your strong suit.

3) How urgently do you need the results?

If you need the test results quickly, then choose PTE, it takes 3-5 business days (sometimes even less). As opposed to IELTS results which can take up to 14 calendar days.
This may also be useful in case you want to take a second attempt, knowing you didn’t get the desired score timely, can give you more time to prepare for the next attempt.


1)      Computer based checking – usually more accurate.

2)      The test finishes in 3 hours

3)      Realistic mock tests available

4)      Mock tests priced 1/10th of the exam fees so you can get a fair idea before paying for the exam.

5)      Test results come back in 3 business days.


1)      Computer based attempt- difficult if you can’t type well.

2)      Not accepted by majority of the countries for immigration purpose.





1) Written test- can seem easier to some people.
2) Accepted by majority of countries for immigration purpose.
1) The entire test doesn’t finish in 3 hours. The speaking section is conducted after a few hours/days of the exam.

2) The test results take 14 days to come.

3) You have to speak on a topic (on the spot) while talking to the examiner.




Whichever exam you do, remember there is PLENTY of Free Online Practice Material to prepare from. Make sure you practice enough number of times to ace the exam!

Have you already taken the exam? Let us know about your experience in the Comments Section.



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